Preparing to Plant Seeds

I love this time of year. When the weather warms up just enough that you know spring is coming and the itch to dig in the dirt and grow something gets under your skin.

In the past I have used yogurt cups, egg cartons, butter dishes, and more to start my seeds in. This year I am almost exclusively using old cans and old butter dishes. In fact, now I am kicking myself for not saving every can I’ve used in the last six months. This isn’t nearly enough for what I have planned.

So, I’ve been scrounging around trying to find any empty container that will suffice for seed starting. Every year I start my seeds in my favorite room in the house – my sun room. For a few months out of the year the room is crowded with two tables full of seeds and the windowsills fill up, too.

The down side is… my beautiful room isn’t quite so lovely with all the seed packets and garden clutter. (Actually, the room needed to be straightened up a bit when I took this photo. )

Side note: See my darling dragonfly lights? We found them at Target!

I have LOTS of seeds!

The upside is… this room has the most sunshine in the house and warms up beautifully everyday if I keep the doors closed. Kind of like a green house. Wish I had one of those!