My Garden Last Year (2011)

I was so proud of my garden last year. For the first time my tomato plants did not get blight and grew so big and beautiful! Some of the plants were five feet tall! I had 17 of them in all. Plus, I grew squash, cucumbers, strawberries, radishes, potatoes, peppers, and herbs. I didn’t get everything planted that I had wanted to grow, but everything I planted did fantastic. I am hoping for another (even better) year.

I never had a chance to post the photos, so here are a few photos of some of my plants: (wish the photos were better quality – the garden looked much nicer in person, despite the weeds!)

I started these tomato plants from seeds I purchased from Baker Creek Seed Company!

My squash ended up with a fungus, but it didn’t seem to affect the production too much.

The basil did nicely.

Mulching kept most of the weeds at bay all summer. There were a few stragglers.

I wish I had more photos of ripe fruit, the harvest vegetables, and my other plants. Oh well, I’ll try to remember this year to take more/ better photos!

I’ve had this mint plant for several years now. And the oregano, too: