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All About Homemaking

Whether you’re an experienced homemaker or just starting out, this is your source for useful tips, inspiration, and practical advice. Learn the basics of home management, enjoy the process of making your space welcoming, and find out how to keep a home that suits your style. From organization tips to decorating strategies and efficient methods, our homemaking hub is designed to help and inspire you as you get better at making your home comfortable and functional.

Homemaking 101: Learn the Basics Step by Step

Whether you’re a new homemaker just learning how to keep a house, or a seasoned homemaker looking to work more efficiently, these resources will help you learn homemaking skills every homemaker needs to know.

The Latest Posts in Homemaking 101:

Housekeeping and Maintenance

Home care and maintenance is the foundation of a well-kept household, involving a variety of essential tasks that ensure your home is comfortable and functional. It includes creating the right living conditions, such as proper cleaning, adequate organization, and suitable climate control. Regular decluttering, dusting, and disinfecting are also key aspects of home maintenance, helping to keep the space tidy and prevent buildup. Additionally, repairs and updates play a crucial role in maintaining your home and appliances, ensuring everything works efficiently.

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Annual Garden Planner

This book serves as a comprehensive roadmap, taking readers through the crucial stages of establishing their own homestead. Beginning with the fundamentals of selecting the right land, the book delves into the essentials of sustainable living, from growing organic produce to raising livestock and implementing renewable energy sources.

The Home Economy

In a time of economic fluctuations, being prudent with your family’s resources in home management is increasingly crucial. By adopting smart practices, you save money and create a more efficient home environment. Using cost-effective cleaning products, minimizing waste, and conserving energy help reduce your household expenses. Being wise with resource use and choosing products that offer both value and durability contribute to your home’s financial health and stability.

What is the Home Economy?

Learn about the management of household resources and optimizing daily tasks for savings and functionality.

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The Household Budget

Learn how to manage the family budget to ensure financial stability and meet household needs effectively.

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Basic Principles of Home Management

Learn essential strategies for organizing, planning, and maintaining an efficient and harmonious household.

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Nutritional Planning and Food Economy

Learn strategies for designing cost-effective meal plans that maximize both budget and nutritional value.

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Home Cooking + Nourishing Your Family

learning to cook from scratch

Starting your home cooking journey begins with a key decision: What will you cook? This choice determines the direction of your cooking efforts. Whether you opt for hearty dinners, flavorful spices, healthy snacks, or desserts, each type brings its own set of challenges and rewards. Your selection will influence your meal planning, the cooking techniques you use, and the tasty outcomes you can look forward to. So, let’s take the first steps towards creating a kitchen that fits your preferences and cooking ambitions.

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Holidays, extras, & misc.

Practical Help: Homemaking Courses

Learn skills for efficient household management and create an organized, well-maintained home.

A Time to Clean

How a Messy Home Reflects the Heart: A Time to Clean takes a powerful look at how our messy homes reflect our hearts. It’s like no other homemaking challenge you’ve taken before.

Cultivating a Heart of Self-Discipline: Mini Course

Being disciplined as a homemaker is one thing that will make the most difference in your life and home. Are you ready to get started?

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The Disciplined Homemaker

What if you didn’t have to feel overwhelmed anymore? What if you could create a life of self-discipline that brings order and peace to your home? With God at the center, creating a disciplined life is possible!

One Week to a More Organized Home

Do you long for a space that offers a respite from the world? What if you could start making a change today? Would you do it?

Spring Cleaning for the Heart and Home

This 30-day challenge helps you tackle one project a day for 30 days to get your home fresh, clean and organized! 

Prudent Pantry: Saving at the Grocer

Practical techniques for cutting grocery costs: Learn to utilize sales, coupons, and meal planning to extend your budget, along with strategies for stocking your pantry.


Springtime at Melissa’s house.

Her yard has hundreds of daffodils!

Start the Morning Off Right

Free Guide: A Simple Morning Routine to Get Your Heart and Home in Order

Creating a morning routine is one of the best things you can do to make your day run smoother. If you are in a season where it’s hard to wake up early, ie. a mom with a new baby, give yourself grace and know that this time will pass quickly! Do what you can now to create a morning routine and build on it as you are able.

The Ministry of Homemaking

Whether you’re new to the role of homemaker or eager to refine your skills, this section provides encouragement and advice to help you succeed in creating a nurturing, efficient home environment through the idea of homemaking as a ministry: focusing on serving and caring for the well-being of those within the household.

Rhythms + Rest in Homemaking

Learn how to establish a structured yet flexible routine that enhances household productivity and peace. By setting daily routines, like morning preparations and evening wind-downs, essential tasks are managed efficiently alongside scheduled relaxation and family time. Observing a weekly Sabbath rest also promotes rejuvenation, allowing a break from daily chores. This method ensures a well-maintained home and improves the well-being of its residents by supporting both activity and rest.

Declutter & Get Organized
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