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I’m Melissa, the heart and hands behind this community. My journey as a homemaker began over 33 years ago. I’m a wife and mom to five, stepmom to four, and Grandarling to 17 and counting! I love serving my family and making our house a space that feels like home to everyone who enters.

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a Young homemaker…

I love this photo of me with my son, James. I was 17 years old in this photo and James was 2. I ended up pregnant when I was just 14 but all I wanted to be was a good wife, mother, and homemaker. Unfortunately, I had no idea what I was doing. I was struggling and felt overwhelmed.

However, my mom always said I was the most determined person she knew. And you know what? Little by little, I worked at changing my mindset, learning new homemaking skills, and improving my character. With God’s help, I was able to grow in purpose – not perfection.

Welcome to The Homemaker’s Society – where every day is an opportunity to embrace new routines, create lasting memories, and cultivate a home filled with warmth and joy.

Join me in discovering practical solutions and meaningful connections that transform your homemaking journey into something truly special.


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