Homemaking doesn’t have to be hard.


Feeling overwhelmed? Does the sight of piles of laundry, unsorted mail, and scattered toys make your heart sink? If you’re struggling to find peace among the chaos, you’re not alone.


Just starting out? Are you a new homemaker feeling daunted by the responsibilities of managing a home for the first time? Join The Homemaker’s Society and gain confidence in the management of your home.


Lacking motivation? Have you felt stuck, not knowing where to start or how to keep going with your daily household tasks? The Homemaker’s Society offers motivating classes and resources to help you find your rhythm.

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Hello and welcome!

I’m Melissa, the heart and hands behind this community. My journey as a homemaker began over 33 years ago. I’m a wife and mom to five, stepmom to four, and Grandarling to 17 and counting! I love serving my family and making our house a space that feels like home to everyone who enters.


The P31 Homemaker’s Society

Gain practical homemaking skills with The Homemaker’s Society membership, providing instant access to exclusive classes, ebooks, and printables that help you organize and calm your household.

Here is what you get:

  • An ALL Access Pass: When you join the Homemaker’s Society you get instant access to ALL of my digital resources, ebooks, online courses, and more! Plus, get instant access to any new products I create! Inside, you’ll find well over $500 in products – for one low price. 
  • Instant Access to Homemaking Classes: Learn at your own pace with our complete collection of homemaking courses including my popular “The Disciplined Homemaker” and “A Time to Clean.”
  • Comprehensive eBook Library: Explore an array of eBooks on homemaking topics, available for download anytime.
  • Monthly Themes and Challenges: Each month we’ll focus on a different theme or area of your house to work on together. Find encouragement and support from other homemakers working on the same goals!
  • Exclusive Printable Resources: Get unlimited access to a wide range of printables to help organize and beautify your home life. There are hundreds of printables to choose from!
  • Private Community Access: Join our private Home and Haven Forum, to connect with and learn from other dedicated homemakers.
  • Regular Content Updates: Stay updated with new eBooks, courses, and printables added regularly to keep your homemaking skills sharp.
  • Member-Only Products: Enjoy exclusive access to homemaking, faith-building, and family-enriching products not available to the general public.
  • Simplified Experience: No more multiple log-ins or repetitive email submissions. Access everything easily from one member-exclusive area.
  • Flexible Membership Options: Choose from monthly, annual, or lifetime memberships to match your needs and budget.

Unlimited Access to Resources: Members receive unlimited access to a comprehensive suite of homemaking classes, eBooks, and printables, enabling continuous learning and improvement in home management.


Continuous Updates: Stay current with the latest homemaking strategies and tools as new content, including eBooks and courses, is regularly added to the membership, keeping you informed and proficient.


Community and Support: Join a supportive community of fellow homemakers in our Home and Haven Forum where you can share tips, seek advice, and find motivation from others who understand the challenges and joys of homemaking.

The Homemaker’s Society is for you if:

  • You’re Overwhelmed by Home Management: If the chaos of daily chores and clutter is overwhelming, our resources and classes are designed to bring structure and peace to your home.
  • You Want to Improve Your Homemaking Skills: This membership provides tools and techniques to help you efficiently organize your day, transforming the way you manage your household.
  • You Desire Continuous Learning and Improvement: With access to a continually updating library of courses, ebooks, and printables, you’ll always have something new to learn and ways to enhance your homemaking skills.
  • You want to take your job as a homemaker seriously: Inside the Homemaker’s Society, you’ll find the tools, resources, and support to elevate your homemaking skills and create a thriving, well-managed home that you take pride in.

The Homemaker’s Society is NOT for you if:

  • You Prefer a Hands-Off Approach: If you’re not interested in actively participating in courses, discussions, or using interactive resources, this membership may not align with your style.
  • You Are Not Interested in Regular Updates or New Content: This membership is designed for those who enjoy continual learning and regular content updates.
  • You Are Looking for Quick Fixes: If you expect immediate results without putting in the effort to learn and apply new techniques, this membership, which encourages gradual improvement and ongoing learning, might not satisfy your expectations.
  • You don’t view your role as a homemaker as a job: If you aren’t interested in learning new skills, elevating your role as a domestic engineer, or giving attention to detail to the work in your home, the Homemaker’s Society may not be right for you.

Are you ready to transform your homemaking?

Take the first step towards a calmer, more organized home. Sign up for The Homemaker’s Society now and access all the tools you need to succeed!

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Each month inside the Homemaker’s Society you’ll find monthly themes and/or challenges where you can join other homemaker’s working toward a common goal. Join the groups and you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, offer encouragement, and find inspiration. It’s the kick start you need for homemaking motivation!


With your membership, you gain unlimited access to all our online homemaking classes, a comprehensive library of ebooks, a wide array of printable resources, and exclusive access to new products added regularly. Additionally, you can join our private Facebook community to connect with fellow homemakers.

Yes, all our materials are fully accessible on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. This means you can enjoy our resources anywhere, whether you’re at home or on the go.

No, there is no fixed commitment period. You can choose from monthly, annual, or lifetime membership options. You can cancel your monthly or annual subscription at any time without penalty.

New resources, including classes, ebooks, and printables, are added regularly. I strive to update the content library every month to ensure members have fresh and relevant materials to help them manage their homes effectively.

The Homemaker’s Society stands out due to the comprehensiveness of our resource library, the practicality of our tools and lessons, and the supportive community. The resources you’ll find are not only about cleaning and organizing but also encompass time management, discipline, and creating a joyful home environment – the heart of homemaking!

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Gain instant access to exclusive homemaking classes, comprehensive resources, and a supportive community.

Whether you’re a seasoned homemaker or just starting out, this membership is designed to equip you with the skills and support you need to transform your home management.