Video: Picking Blackberries

Our home sits on top of a small mountain, overlooking the small town of Harlan. We have a large yard, about an acre and a half total, but most of it is front yard since our house is situated so that our back windows overlook the valley below.

I’m so excited about all of the fruit that’s growing this year!

Picking Blackberries

Since most of our property is front yard, that’s where most of our fruit trees and berries are planted. I’ve been watching our apple tree the last few weeks, quite excited because the tree is loaded with apples. I am a little worried that we may have lost a lot of apples tonight as there was a very bad storm with high winds. I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to harvest a nice bunch of apples to make apple preserves and jelly with.

We also have a nice patch of blackberry bushes that are starting to ripen and about twenty blueberry bushes. Not all of the blueberry bushes are producing much fruit yet, but they’re getting there! The blueberries have not ripened yet, but I’m excited about harvesting them when they are ripe!

We’ve been in our house for twelve years now and one of my biggest regrets is not planting more fruit trees ten years ago. It takes so long for fruit trees to begin to really produce. I also wish I had started out with an organized plan for planting instead of haphazardly planting the trees we do have.

Some things I’d like to plant in the near future: 

  • a fig tree
  • male and female kiwi plants
  • two or three grapevines over an arbor
  • a cherry tree
  • a plum tree
  • two peach trees {I’ve planted these before with no luck.}
  • another pear tree
  • another apple tree

Hannah and Laura helped me pick the ripe blackberries and I made a Blackberry Cobbler with them. Yum!

A Video Tour of the Fruit in Our Yard

You can also watch the video here.

Sometimes we enjoy going to a U-Pick Farm to pick berries or peaches or apples, but it’s even better when we can pick them right in our own yard!

You can find U-Pick Farms in your area here.