Declutter Your Kitchen: Quick and Easy Tips for Beginners

There are many simple ideas that you can use to declutter your kitchen, and make it more enjoyable for cooking! This blog post will share some of the easiest ways to declutter your kitchen. All of these tips are quick and easy, but they are also very effective.

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Decluttering your kitchen can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! In this blog post, we will share quick and easy ideas to declutter your kitchen. If you’re like most people, the last thing you want to do is spend hours organizing and cleaning up your space – which is why these simple tips are perfect for you.

A Guide to Decluttering Your Kitchen for Beginners

If you’ve been struggling to get your kitchen in order and you’re tired of living with a messy kitchen, I’m here to help. Decluttering your kitchen and getting your kitchen more organized will make cooking easier – but even more than that, it’ll lessen your stress so you enjoy your kitchen more.

Living with clutter has been shown to increase stress and anxiety. It can feel really overwhelming when you walk into a room and there is visual clutter everywhere. And considering your kitchen is used every single day and you spend a lot of time in there, having a clutter-free kitchen is one of the best ways to help you to stop feeling overwhelmed as a homemaker. Because let’s face it, clutter can make you feel overwhelmed.

I’ve been there. After a long day of working hard or running around chasing kids, the last thing you want to do is spend hours cleaning your kitchen – especially when all you really want to do is relax and unwind with your family.

I love being in the kitchen! But when my counters are covered with clutter, it makes me feel overwhelmed and stressed out. 

It seems like it would be easy enough to clean up after dinner, but somehow that one dish or glass left on the counter becomes 10 dishes and 5 glasses (and maybe even some silverware) before you know it! This is a problem that comes up for many people trying to cook healthier meals at home. 

The key isn’t necessarily in making more time for cleaning; it’s about getting organized (and decluttering) so that things get done quickly and easily. By using the tips I’m sharing in today’s blog post, you’ll be able to enjoy your kitchen more and enjoy cooking more too!

Throwing away old clutter can be a lot of fun. You get rid of all the junk that is taking up space in your home and it feels good knowing that you won’t have any clutter weighing down on you from now on. If you don’t believe me, I promise you’ll understand what I mean when you get rid of the clutter in your life!!

Decluttering your kitchen is the first step to better organization. If you follow these tips, then your kitchen will be spotless in no time. But first, let’s talk about the benefits of living a clutter-free lifestyle.

Benefits of living with less clutter

Purging items you no longer need or things that don’t add real value to your life can help you save money.

Also, decluttering definitely helps with cutting down on stress too. Removing all the junk and excess clutter from your life will give you a feeling of peace and calm. It’s stress-relieving!

I can tell you from experience, waking up with a clean, clutter-free kitchen can be life-changing if you aren’t used to it! Feeling at peace in your home is essential. And having a clutter-free space to cook at eat will help you start your day off with less stress.

Creating organized spaces for cooking makes your life easier and it can even reduce your stress when it comes time to meal prep and cook for your family. No one enjoys looking at piles of clutter or worse, piles of dirty dishes.

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Declutter Your Countertops

If you want to make your kitchen feel cleaner immediately, remove the clutter from your countertops. I always start with decluttering the countertops because it feels like an instant win. And that excitement motivates me to keep going. If I start with a bigger project first – like a messy cabinet or messy junk drawer, it can get overwhelming really fast.

And if you feel like you don’t have enough space for all the things you own, it’s time to make some decisions. All that stuff either needs to find a permanent space to live in your home or you need to consider finding it a new home altogether.

Another option is to build some vertical storage space.

Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink, in my opinion, is one of the most important areas in the kitchen. It’s so easy to let dirty dishes and other things take up space in or around the sink. But when the space is cluttered and messy, it’s a lot harder to get your work done in the kitchen.

You can organize the space around your kitchen sink by creating a designated space for all of your dishwashing supplies. You can gather all of your supplies in a tray under the sink or next to it. This way, everything is easy to grab when you need it!


Whether you have lots of cabinet space or just a little, the inside of your cabinets should be organized in a way that makes your work in the kitchen easier.

Of course, creating an organized space inside your cabinets can be challenging – especially if you have more stuff that will easily fit in your cabinets.

If you’re serious about getting your kitchen organized and decluttered, you’re going to dedicate some time to cleaning out those cabinets. Turn on some fun music and get to work!

I like to do one cabinet or shelf at a time so that I can easily stop when it’s time to prepare the next meal without feeling exhausted and overwhelmed by the job. Remove everything from a cabinet or shelf and give it a good cleaning before putting everything back.

Tip: Drawer organizers aren’t just for drawers. You can use drawer organizers inside your cupboards too! Sometimes being able to pull an organizer out of the cabinet is a lot easier so you can see exactly what’s inside.

It’s also helpful to organize your cabinets in a way that makes sense for how you use the kitchen. Keep like items in the same cabinets and try to organize different types of items near where you would typically use them.

For instance, spices can be in a cupboard near the stove. Pots and pans should also be kept near the stove. Glasses and dishes may be stored near the dishwasher – or near where you would typically serve up your plates.


Drawers can get messy really fast if you’re not careful. It’s so easy to hide things you don’t want to deal with in that junk drawer. But, you don’t have to live with messy drawers!

Your drawers will be so much easier to use when you clean them out and organize them in a way that is useful and makes sense. But you’ll have to make a promise to yourself not to shove things in your drawers anymore – and get your family on board.

Remember: Clutter is really just unmade decisions. Instead of hiding things in a drawer or setting things down where they don’t belong, go ahead and make the decision and put it where it goes – or throw it in the trash.

Check out these great drawer organizers to get your drawers in shape!


Having a neat and tidy kitchen, free of clutter is going to make your life so much easier. You’ll have room for all the things you use on a regular basis including your tools, utensils, and appliances. And your counters will be free to be used when you need them – without having to move stuff out of the way. I know when my kitchen is cluttered, I feel more stressed and feel less motivated to cook or clean.

If you need extra storage space in your kitchen, you can purchase a storage cart or an extra cabinet. Storage carts are a great way to keep items at hand that you might not use every day but do need to keep in your kitchen – like a food processor or professional Kitchenaid Mixer. Plus, you’ll free up your counter space for food preparation.

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Cooking Space

Cooking and cleaning the kitchen is a lot easier when your space is well organized and clutter-free. You’ll be able to find what you need faster and you won’t have to clean your kitchen just to be able to cook a meal.

It’s incredibly stressful to walk in the kitchen to cook dinner for your family and be faced with dirty dishes, pots, and pans. Having to clean the things you need for your meal right when you need them makes life less enjoyable. But mealtimes don’t have to be stressful if you create a space in your kitchen that is easy to clean and keep organized.

When your kitchen is organized, you don’t have those problems!

They say the heart of the home is the kitchen. And it’s definitely one of the most used rooms in your house. The kitchen is the place where families gather and create memories laughing, cooking, and eating together. When your kitchen is decluttered and organized, you can focus on the good and leave behind the stress of being disorganized.

Decluttering the kitchen allows you to enjoy your space and use your kitchen on a daily basis with less clutter and frustration.

I hope these tips have encouraged and motivated you to declutter your kitchen starting today! I know it can be a huge job – especially if your kitchen has been cluttered and messy for a long time, but I promise, it’ll be worth the effort you put in!!

You can use these ideas to get started decluttering your kitchen today. When your kitchen is organized and neat, you can focus on those things that really matter – your family and the time you spend together laughing and telling stories.

I hope this post has given you some ideas to help declutter your kitchen space. If it’s difficult for you, just remember that every little bit of progress is a victory!

Be sure to share these tips with friends and family who might be looking for advice on how to start the process too. Thanks so much for reading!