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How to Simplify Your Daily Schedule

Moms know how hard it can be to juggle work, family, and everything else in between. It’s a daily grind that often feels like you’ll never catch up on your “to-do” list. But the truth is that there are many things we do every day without realizing it, wasting time and energy. And while some of these habits may seem harmless at first glance, they’re actually hurting our ability to simplify our lives and enjoy what matters most – being present for those around us.

Today we’re looking at how to simplify your daily schedule with 8 helpful ideas you can use starting today.

If you’re looking for ways to simplify your life this year then look no further than the following tips. Do you feel like your day is running away from you? Does it seem to be impossible to balance all the things on your plate? Do you ever have to take time off because of how tiring your schedule has become?

There are ways to simplify and organize how we do our daily routines. In this blog post, we will discuss how simplifying schedules can help us lead a more fulfilling life!

No one likes the feeling of being overwhelmed, but if you’re a mom it may just feel like it’s a part of everyday life. Between managing your child’s schedule, household chores, and errands, it can feel like there is always something else to do. 

However, with some simple organization habits that are easy to implement into your daily schedule, you can have more time for yourself while still making sure everything gets done! You can simplify your daily routine – so you can spend less time running around and more time enjoying life.

How to Simplify Your Daily Schedule

When you come to the point where you want to simplify your daily schedule, it can be helpful to set aside some time to sit down and write down a few things like how you are currently feeling about your schedule, what feels overwhelming about your day, and what your ideal day would look like.

1. Don’t Try to Do More than You Can Manage

It’s important not to add so many tasks or activities to your daily schedule that you feel rushed throughout the day or overwhelmed by the number of things you need to accomplish before bedtime.

Ask yourself the question, how much can I take on during the day before I begin to feel stressed and overwhelmed?

Then, don’t add more to your schedule.

If you feel like you’re spending too much time on some tasks or activities and not enough time on others throughout the day then take a look at how many hours are currently allocated in your daily schedule for each task/activity. Then try to find ways of how you can shorten the time you spend on tasks/activities that are taking up too much time.

2. Know Your Priorities

First, you should determine which aspects of your life are most important to you. Simplifying your schedule will only be effective if it is based upon what matters the most in your personal and professional world.

You can make a list of your top three or top five priorities and then base your daily schedule on how you can best accomplish those goals.

If you want a simplified daily schedule, you will want to prioritize rest and time for self-care into each day. Simplifying your daily schedule is really about how you can manage how you spend your time each day, and that means taking care of yourself in a healthy way.

If it is truly important to figure out how to simplify your daily schedule, then set some goals for how you want to accomplish those priorities.

For example: if spending quality time with family members matters most to you, how can you make sure that makes it into your daily schedule?

This is how to simplify your daily schedule.

3. Learn to Say No

Saying no may seem hard at first but just remember, it’s okay! If you want a simplified daily schedule that works for you and your family then learning how to politely decline requests is essential.

If you have a lot of people in your life who matter to you then learning how to say no will be important. Simplifying your schedule starts with those closest to you and how they interact with the time that matters most for YOU!

This is how to simplify your daily schedule by setting healthy boundaries in your daily life and giving yourself permission to say no when that’s the best option for you and your family.

4. Leave Room in Your Schedule for the Unexpected

No matter how well you plan, there are things that will pop up throughout the day and week.

Having a simplified daily schedule is not only about how to manage your time each day but also how to create space in your life for those unexpected events so they don’t throw off everything else within your schedule.

As a mom, I’m sure you’re well aware that things happen all the time that are unexpected. If your schedule is too packed or too tight, you may find yourself in a panic or feeling overwhelmed when something happens unexpectedly.

I suggest not planning for more than one task or activity per hour. Even as a stay at home mom, it can be a challenge to do more than that if you have little ones at home.

5. Stick to a Consistent Sleep Schedule

Keeping your sleep schedule consistent is super helpful when you want to simplify your daily schedule.

If you’re like most moms, then it can be hard to maintain any sort of routine or consistency in the way that you live each day but I promise if you try –it will make a difference!

One simple step towards sticking to a consistent sleep schedule for yourself and choosing a consistent wake-up time each day.

I can’t tell how much difference it has made in my life to establish and maintain good sleeping habits for me as well as my kids! We all feel so much better when we get enough sleep, do you agree? Not only do kids get grumpy when they are tired, but moms and dads are also a lot more irritable too when tired!

I know how important it is to get enough sleep and how difficult that can be with little ones in the house but this step has truly made a difference for me!

Sleep is so important for your mental and physical health!

6. Prep for the Mornings before You Go to Bed

Thinking about how you can plan ahead to make things easier for yourself the next day is a great way to simplify your daily schedule.

If keeping your daily schedule simple means waking up earlier, then it also may be helpful to spend some time planning before bedtime so that you aren’t wasting too much morning time trying to figure out what needs to happen first.

I don’t waste as much time stressing about what needs to happen first thing. It helps me feel more prepared for my day ahead so there’s no wasting time or rushing out the door unprepared and later realizing I forgot something important.

Some ways you can prep for the next day before you go to bed are:

  • Write out a to-do list for the next day
  • Pack school or work lunch and snacks for your kids
  • Choose your outfits for the next day
  • Make sure you have anything you might need for the next day
  • Have kids pack their backpacks and set them by the door
  • Discuss with your spouse anything they need to know that’s happening the next day

These are just a few suggestions but how can make your life easier by taking time to plan before bedtime so that when morning comes, all is ready to go and nothing gets forgotten.

This will help simplify your daily schedule because it allows more time in the mornings to get other tasks done before you have to leave the house. Plus, you’ll wake up knowing that everything is ready to start the day.

7. Create Routines that Work for You

The most important part of how to simplify your daily schedule is to create routines that work for you. I’ve found that having a routine helps me in so many ways but especially when it comes to simplifying my daily schedule!

When I have my kids on a good routine, then we all know what’s expected and how things are going to happen.

I know how hard it is when you’re trying to figure out what your schedule should include and how often, so I hope these suggestions will help you simplify your daily schedule!

  • Have an established morning routine that everyone follows throughout the week
  • Make the beds every morning
  • Maintain a good snack and meal schedule for the week so that you’re not constantly stopping to make food throughout the day. If nothing else, having ready made snacks available will help simplify how often you need to stop during the day!
  • Have your kids help with set up and clean up after meals
  • Pick up the house every day and maintain a neat and tidy space so that cleaning is easier
  • Create a good bedtime routine for yourself and your kids

8. Be Fliexible

Being flexible is so important when it comes to how you can simplify your daily schedule! It will take some time and practice but eventually, with enough trial and error (and patience!) you’ll find a good routine that works for everyone in the house.

And, it’s okay if a few things don’t get done that day. You can always do them the next day or even after your kids go to bed for the night.

But you won’t regret taking time each morning and planning out how you want your daily routine to look so that you can make things easier for yourself and your family.

And, if you factor in unexpected tasks or interruptions into your daily schedule, you’ll still have enough time to get to the most important things on your list.

Just remember: Schedules or routines should not rule your life. You may think it would be great to have an hour of quiet time in the morning, but if that does not happen it’s okay. Your day doesn’t have to be ruined just because it doesn’t go 100% according to plan. Having kids is chaotic at times – and that’s okay!

I hope these tips help you simplify your daily schedule and feel more in control of your life. I do believe that with the help of these tips, you can simplify your daily schedule and feel less stressed. Let me know in the Homemaker’s Circle Community if you have questions!